“The Girl” is the lead singer and female DJ of the group. She might look small, but this girl’s voice and presence is huge.  
Marshall Marshall’s latest album filled with 8 new songs
Released in March 2018.
Marshall Marshall’s positive indie electronic album featuring their hit song “Where You Go” and 13 total tracks.
Released in June 2017.
The album that started it all: “It’s All About You”
Released in December 2016.
“The Guy” is the group’s producer and male singer from Tennessee. He started recording and producing music on his computer when he was 10 years old, and by the time he was 16, he was a worship leader at a church of over 1000 members. He has since traveled all around the southern United States playing music. He spends every second of spare time he gets to write, record, and produce new songs.
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A girl, a guy, and a computer. Marshall Marshall creates indie electronic music with the goal of spreading positivity and hope.  They write and produce original electronic dance music, as well as produce remixes for other artists.
Together they released their first EP “It’s All About You” in 2016.  Their hit singles “In God I Trust” and “Guiding Light” have been played on over 30 radio stations around the world. More than 150 producers and DJs have remixed their tracks.  Their first full length album “Lost // Found” was just released in 2017.  And their newest album Sunset Sunrise was released in March 2018 and it now available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and tons of other places!